Cindy is a director and performer of physical theatre, a circus aerialist and storyteller.  Her artistic practice sits in the genre of magical realism, drawing parallels between very real human stories and linking these to tales of female transformation found in fable and folktales.  Her most recent work of this nature was a one woman show, She Melts (2016) that she performed with musician Sue Moxon.  Cindy is currently studying a Master of Professional Practise in Performing Arts at the University of Sunshine Coast.  Cindy’s next physical theatre work, Stone Patience, still in the concept stages of development, is based upon her own  modern day cross-cultural love story and draws upon a traditional Iranian folktale.

Cindy began her creative career after completing a degree at the Qld College of Arts in Brisbane in 1995.  She exhibited her work frequently throughout the following decade.  Her most pivotal solo exhibition entitled Red Thread (1999) at Raw Studios in Melbourne, featured artwork that explored links between folklore and ancestry and featured her first solo performance.

Early this century, Cindy explored performance further through Classical Indian Dance.  She travelled to India for tuition in various dance styles and to research how ancient stories are told through physical language and gesture or mudras.  During her travels Cindy hunted for folktales throughout India and Europe, engaging in verbal storytelling which later led to her study education.  As an arts educator Cindy spend two years living and working on a remote Aboriginal community, encouraging young Indigenous people to combine modern stories with traditional and touring as a supervisor with a local youth dance group.

In 2006, living in Edinburgh, Cindy began her circus aerial training in static trapeze with Tepooka Circus. On returning to Australia Cindy continued her aerial training through private tuition and with Vulcana Women’s Circus in Brisbane.  Since then Cindy has performed solo aerial acts in various festivals and events in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

In 2009 Cindy settled in the small town of Maleny on the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland where her love of circus aerials and teaching lead her to establish Sylph Circus in 2011, a youth circus school and performance group.  Cindy has since devised and directed many performances for Sylph Circus that engage families through stories with themes of personal transformation, including the celebrated Limbo: A Refugee Story 2015 with the talented performance group.

Cindy now lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Masters of Professional Practice Performing Arts, University of Sunshine Coast (2017)
Graduate Degree in Education, Queensland University of Technology (2003)
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Illustration), Queensland College of Art (1995)