Welcome to my blog page!  Here you’ll find posts about past and current creative explorations, the ideas behind my performances and how I integrate visual arts, movement and storytelling together to make  physical theatre.

‘Stone Patience’ – inspiration and ideas

Here is some inspiration and ideas for the very early conceptual development of ‘Stone Patience’, the next  physical theatre performance work that I’m creating. The original concept of this work is inspired by very interesting questions raised by my own cross-cultural relationship   → View the full article

Folk and Fairy Tale Wisdom

Early on I employed physical theatre director Anna Yen to help me to devise the show.  She worked with me to seek out some of the deeply personal stories I wanted to tell in ‘She Melts’.  While most of the story and character have changed since then, the personal tales were a strong foun   → View the full article

Performing The Story

The process of devising the ‘She Melts’ has been a lot of fun but also really challenging.  I spent many hours devising alone and sometimes in front of a mirror.  While I could occasionally bounce off Sue (musician) for ideas and feedback, I really needed experienced help from someone of   → View the full article

Handmade Props

Props play a big part in the ‘She Melts’ performance and being a visual artist as well as a performance artist, I just wanted to make everything by hand!!! The wooden boxes represent my memories in the story and also become the fairy tale ‘path’!  Their contents are key to th   → View the full article

Baba Yaga

Grandmother Baba Yaga is a very important figure featured in ‘She Melts’ .  She’s an Eastern European witch who lives in the deep dark forest and she represents the innate ancestral wisdom in my story.  She’s very, very old as you can see from the image.  The cloak I made for   → View the full article

Sue Moxon, ‘She Melts’ musician

Sue Moxon, my partner in crime the amazingly talented musician for ‘She Melts’ wrote this post about her take on developing the show: Composing the music for She Melts has been an exciting and challenging task. From the very first reading of the script I was drawn into the fairy-tale nat   → View the full article

Noise Making Mastermind

It’s interesting how sometimes a creative process takes a step in one direction and then turns around again.  Noise maker friend Adam Bruin helped me to make an electronic soundtrack for the show, ‘She Melts’.  His work was innovative and interesting and very complementary to the s   → View the full article

‘The Owl’ Music

Finding the right music for my trapeze act The Owl proved unsuccessful so I approached my friend Tamara Taylor, a classical Middle Eastern musician, to compose a frame drum piece especially for it.  After a trapeze and drum jam session together (very fun) we got excited about using a Moroccan trance   → View the full article

Featured Artist at Eternity Event

Performing The Red Shoes act from my solo show She Melts with musician Sue Moxon at Eternity this Saturday Oct 3.  Looking forward to being among so many amazing women!  Excited!   → View the full article