Welcome to my blog page!  Here you’ll find posts about past and current creative explorations, the ideas behind my performances and how I integrate visual arts, movement and storytelling together to make  physical theatre.

‘The Owl’ Trapeze Video

Earlier this year I got together with Ben Lockens to shoot my trapeze act, The Owl.  Ben did a great job of making a high school hall actually look good with the magical use of lighting, black fabric and whatever we could find to hold it all in place!  During the shoot the biggest challenge for me w   → View the full article

Ice Maiden Costume

The Ice Maiden costume for my solo show She Melts.  Had some great tips and ideas from the creative mind of Sally Dennis over a cup of tea who helped me to give it more of a raw, wild look while still preserving the delicateness of the ice and snow flake through the use of doilies and lace.  I also   → View the full article

Welcome to my blog!

Hi There, Thank you for joining me!  This is the first of many posts that I’ll be sharing surrounding the development of my solo show entitled ‘She Melts’.  You can read more about it here.  The show will incorporate the loves of my life: circus, physical theatre, storytelling, art   → View the full article