Stone Patience

Stone Patience is a new work that Cindy is still in the early stage of writing and is based upon her own true story.  The work will be a contemporary performance incorporating Persian music and singing, acting with voice, projected animation, physical theatre and circus.

Stone Patience tells of a modern day love story between an Iranian man and an Australian woman. He in Australia lives with the title refugee, she in Iran is kharagee (foreigner). The work explores the challenges of a cross-cultural relationship where Middle Eastern and Western politics and social values impact upon a couple’s freedom if they choose to remain together. Their story is woven into the Iranian Sleeping Beauty fable, Arosake Sange Saboor (The Doll of Stone Patience), inviting audiences to explore the realm of the human heart beyond the context of time and place. In Iran, to say someone has stone patience (sange saboor in Farsi) means that they are patient in listening to the sorrows of another.